Raseiniu g.1, LT-86140, KELME, LT00 – Lietuva, LT – LITHUANIA

Our school provides the four-year studies of secondary education. It has advanced technological base: Information Centre, TV Studio, Music Record Studio, Publishing Centre. A special attention is paid to the artistic development of students who can choose a music band, Drama Studio, Cinematographic Studio. Being politically/socially aware of current tendencies and responsible for education of future generations for and in Europe, we established Tolerance Centre whose activities will be integrated in the project and which performs the function of stereotype prevention. Our school is located in a rural, economically disadvantaged district far from the capital and culture and economic centers. Kelme region suffers from one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and many students are from socially and economically deprived families depending on social benefits. Many students come from emigrant families with one parent or just left with relatives which puts them at risk of social exclusion and premature school leaving. Although historically there were plentiful communities of Jews, Russians and Germans, at the moment Kelme region is a homogenuous society with little or no awareness of other nations and cultural diversity which makes a perfect soil for fostering all kinds of stereotypes. Thus, collboration with present set of partners from various European countries/backgrounds:Western, Central and Eastern Europe will certainly benefit both our school and Kelme region communities. Being cultural and educational center of both Kelme town and regional community, our school makes an invaluable contribution in their active European citizenship development and integration in EU.  Our school's close cooperation with Kelme Municipality, Kelme Folklore Center, Kelme Museum and on national level with Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum makes this contribution even more applicable, meaningful and ensures effective result dissemination. In addition, we place a great emphasis on innovative languages and ICT learning/teaching. Our students are eager to participate in international projects as they see it as an opportunity (often as the only one)to broaden their horizons and acquire the basic life-skills/competences for their personal development, future employment and active European citizenship. While implementing this project our teachers and administration will enhance quality and European dimension in their pedagogical approaches and school management respectively.

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